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You Must Report Within 14 Days of Change:
All changes in Household Composition:
  • Someone moves out
  • Someone moves in
  • A Child is born, adopted or court awarded custody
  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Someone dies
  • Someone in hospital or incarcerated
  • Child turns 18 years old
All changes in Household Income:
  • Income increases
  • Income decreases
  • Get a job
  • Get a 2nd job
  • Start receiving benefits
  • Benefits end
  • Unemployment
  • Child over 18 yrs old starts working
  • Student status changes of persons over 18 yrs old
All family members income, including children, must be reported.

All un-reimbursed medical expenses (for Disabled Households only)
  • Prescribed medical expenses that are not covered by insurance

All child care expenses for children 12 yrs. old and younger
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